Folk Art

In these works by self-taught artists, history and inner visions emerge and people and animals are animated, inviting questions about art and its role in society.
Goals / Students will:
  • Develop and understand art vocabulary (line, shape, color, texture, etc.)
  • Develop critical thinking, visual literacy, and evidence-based thinking
  • Understand why works of art might be created (spirituality, to tell a story, etc.)
  • Investigate the concept of art

Pre-Activity Plan:

Uses Shapes Collage for teacher presentation and Tagxedo for student
Teacher Product:

Student Created Project:


Post Activity Plan:

Post Activity Project:

Optional 2 Post Activty Plan - included option in written plan #1 using this interactive website
Interactive Website on Folk Art
- overview of American folk art of the 18th and 19th centuries. creation of project under Faces and Places section


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