Hi everyone, here is the information for the docent tours. I am assuming there are 24 groups for the 24 works of art we chose. We have some back up works of art, so if another group is created, let me know. I will put that group with another docent. BUT, I need to know in advance so the docents can prepare to show that work on their tour.

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FIRST PART: Most up-to-date numbered list of works of art. These numbers correspond to group numbers.
1. Mummy Coffin of Pedusiri
2. Nardo di Cione, Madonna and Child
3. Sofonisba Anguissola, The Artist’s Sister Minerva
4. Zurbaran, St Francis
5. Stom, Christ Before the High Priest
6. Landseer, Portrait of a Terrier
7. Francis Cotes, Miss Frances Lee
8. Fragonard, The Shepherdess
9. Koch, Landscape with Ruth and Boaz
10. Bouguereau, Homer and his Guide
11. LePage, Wood Gatherer
12. Gerome, Two Majesties
13. Audubon, Entrapped Otter
14. Eastman Johnson, Stagecoach
15. Renoir, View of Bougival
16. Caillebotte, Boating on the Yerres
17. Monet, Waterloo Bridge
18. Henri, The Art Student
19. Kensett, Lakes of Killarney
20. Tarbell, Three Sisters
21. Homer, Hark The Lark
22. Chinese, Farmyard
23. African, Leopard Stool
24. Casimir, Crowded Market

1. Archuleta, Porcupine
2. Simon Sparrow, Untitled M1985.49

Chart of docents with the groups they will take on the tour. The works of art are the works of art assigned to each group.
I will handle this part (calling the teacher group #s to the right docent) so this is mainly just an FYI!
Group #s
Works of art to cover
1, 2
Jane Fee
Mummy Coffin of Pedusiri
Nardo di Cione

3, 4
Ingrid Erickson
Sofonisba Anguissola, Minerva
Zurabaran, St. Francis

5, 6
Gloria Rozmus
Stom, Christ Before the High Priest
Landseer, Portrait of a Terrier

7, 8
Donna Burdge
Cotes, Miss Frances Lee
Fragonard, The Shepherdess

9, 10
Carole Jezek
Koch, Landscape with Ruth & Boaz
Bouguereau, Homer and his Guide

11, 12
Judy Jackson
Bastien-LePage, Wood Gatherer
Gerome, Two Majesties

13, 14
Diane Berndt
Audubon, Entrapped Otter
Eastman Johnson, Stagecoach

15, 16
Bobbi Krier
Renoir, View of Bougival
Caillebotte, Boating on the Yerres

17, 18
Terry Sutter
Henri, The Art Student
Monet, Waterloo Bridge

19, 20
Annette Niedermeyer
Kensett, Lakes of Killarney
Tarbell, Three Sisters

21, 22
Joyce Pabst
Homer, Hark the Lark
Chinese, Farmyard

23, 24
Joe Trewyn
African, Leopard Stool
Casimir, Crowded Market