July 26-29th @ Milwaukee Art Museum

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Thursday Night OutCounty Clare Inn1234 N Astor St
The Milwaukee Digital Media Conference is a unique hands-on collaborative conference. This year's conference is being held at the Milwaukee Art Museum.

Participants are busy working all week on creating collaborative projects about an art piece at the museum as well as interviewing staff behind-the-scenes on what it's like to work at the museum. You can follow the projects they are putting together on our project wiki at http://mdmc2011projects.wikispaces.com

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As an addition to this year's conference, instructors will be presenting short "Mind Matters" sessions covering the 6 attributes for right-brain thinking referred to in Daniel Pink's book, "A Whole New Mind." Participants will be writing short reflections on how these attributes can be applied in the classroom. While reading this book is not required for the conference, it is highly recommended as participants will get more out of the sessions if they are familiar with the text.

Participants work with instructors from The Stephens Group and staff from the art museum to utilize 21st century skills in order to create relevant real-world products. The following highlights what the participant can expect at MDMC:



viterbo_logo.jpgParticipants can receive two graduate credits from Viterbo for $180. All coursework is embedded in the conference activities. There will also be an optional third online credit where you can work on creating a lesson using one of the tools you learned about through the conference. Non-ide@s scholars pay a $125 registration fee and $90 graduate credit fee. This course will be held Aug 1st - 28th. Tuition for credits will be collected at the conference.


If you have a Twitter account, go to and follow user milwaukeedmc
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If you are blogging or twittering about the conference use #MDMC

logo.jpgThe Milwaukee Digital Media Conference is put on by The Stephens Group, a technology integration consulting firm that specializes in data driven instruction, one-to-one computing, professional development, and strategic planning for K-12 schools.


PODetc is a division of The Stephens Group that provides graduate online professional development courses for educators.